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The purpose of workers compensation is to provide a source of income when you've been injured at work and are unable to perform your normal responsibilities. If you've sustained a work-related injury but are being denied benefits, you can contact an HREM workers compensation attorney in Elizabeth City, NC. The attorneys at Hornthal, Riley, Ellis & Maland, L.L.P. are expertly versed in workers compensation claims and will work with you to ensure you get the coverage you need.

Workers compensation can be a very complex and involved claim process. Some employers are not interested in providing assistance to an injured or ill employee, and they will push back against any claims requiring them to do so. In these situations, hiring a workers compensation attorney may be unavoidable in order to ensure benefits are received. If your employer is denying a justifiable right to workers compensation, there isn't a lot you can do on your own to challenge their denial. With HREM on your side, however, not only will the complexity be left up to an experienced attorney, but your victory in the case is far more likely.

In order to qualify for workers compensation, your injury or illness must have come as a direct result of your duties at work. For instance, if you work with hazardous bioagents or chemicals and improper safety procedures cause you to fall ill, or you must perform heavy lifting and hurt your back, you are most likely entitled to compensation for medical expenses and lost wages during your treatment and recovery. Contact Hornthal, Riley, Ellis & Maland to hire a workers compensation attorney in Elizabeth City, NC today, and start receiving the benefits you need and deserve.